Workshop for Design Professionals // Parsons Design Intelligence Conference NYC

DI Parsons NYC copy

Designed and facilitated the Communicating what Design Can Do workshop during Parsons Design Intelligence Conference in New York City.

Workshop designed for advanced design professionals from New York.


Topic: How to communicate what can design thinking do for the users that are not aware of its potential? How can you, as a designer, communicate what needs you can address and the value you can bring?

Any profession, whether it’s medicine, sports or politics, can benefit by employing ‘design thinking’ and thus achieve better results. As innovation professionals (both lo-fi and advanced) we heard all about it, believed in it and achieved results. However, we often see constraints for its potential to find purchase in a new business environment willing to accept this new hypothesis.

For the first-time-users, these beliefs are often exciting, but at the same time abstract and confusing, especially when communicated to the audience across different backgrounds and industries.