Workshop for Designers // 9th International Lodz Design Festival

Topic: Communicating What Design Can Do

Target audience: Designers, creative industry entrepreneurs, startup teams.

Number of participants: max 15 participants

Time: 3 hours

About: How to communicate what can design thinking do for the users that are not aware of its potential? How can you, as a designer, communicate what needs you can address and the value you can bring? This workshop will focus on the problem areas in communication and matchmaking between innovation professionals and the first-time users.

Any profession, whether it’s medicine, sports or politics, can benefit by employing ‘design thinking’ and thus achieve better results. As innovation professionals (both lo-fi and advanced) we heard all about it, believed in it and achieved results. However, we often see constraints for its potential to find purchase in a new business environment willing to accept this new hypothesis.

For the first-time users, these beliefs are often exciting, but at the same time abstract and confusing, especially when communicated to the audience across different backgrounds and industries.

Methodology: Methods and topics (Understanding and educating; Trust and credibility; Network and curation) used in this workshop were build during a research project at Parsons School of Design and IDEO NY. Tested during various workshop sessions, lastly at the Parsons Design Intelligence Conference in New York City.