Workshops // 8th International Lodz Design Festival

Title: How to Design Things that Others Really Need.

Area: Strategic Design Thinking Process & Human-Centered Design.

Target audience: Designers, creative industry entrepreneurs, startup teams.

Number of participants: max 25 participants

Time: 3 hours

About: We all have great ideas every day. How to make them happen? How to make sure if others really need them? During this session, we will investigate our real ideas, break them down and remodel into actionable items.

This workshop will help you create a clear vision of how to design an idea based on the real user needs. You will receive a set of tools that will help you on the ideation and concept testing stage. With a practical and actionable focus during this workshop, you will experience how a strategic, analytical thinking empowers creative processes.

Methodology: Methods and leading concepts (Strategic Design Thinking Process and Human-Centered Design) used in this workshop were built during a research project at Parsons School of Design and IDEO NY. Tested during various workshop sessions, lastly at the Parsons Global Forum in New York City and Lodz Design Festival in Lodz, Poland.