Design: Thinking & Doing // Lecture & Panel in Budapest

We took part in the “MOSAIC: Strategies to strengthen design ¬≠consciousness” project. As participants, we designed and conducted a lecture and took part in a Panel aimed at design and architecture students.


About the project:
MOSAIC is a capacity building project initiated by defo labor (Budapest, HU) in 2015 bringing together Profil Media (Prague, CZ) and the School of Form (Poznan, PL) with the mission of exploring the regional possibilities of design-consciousness.

MOSAIC encourages the exchange of information and showcases the best practices of the CEE scene by aggregating the know-how and expertise of its respected partners in the framework of offline and online activities. It aims to become one of the main platforms of the regional know-how, fostering discourse on design thinking through initiatives such as a seminar, a workshop, an online collection of best practices, a print publication and a public art installation, as well as by disseminating information in the international design arena through the professional networks of the partner organizations.