Design Talks Business // Created and produced creative business conference

Change Pilots, is a member of the Advisory Board to Gdynia Design Days Festival. We created, produced and coordinated a Design Talks Business Conference for the Festival.

8th of July 2016, Gdynia, Poland

// About the event //
Constantly changing global markets bring new types of needs, challenges, and standards in
production and management of services, information, and interactions. Those who innovate
and respond quickly to change, stand out by how they combine creativity with strategic
thinking. In a surplus economy, where change is measured in months, the strongest
competitive advantage comes in the form of business solutions with design at their core. !
Currently, each of the industries benefits from the potential of design thinking (design
methodology and tools) to achieve better results and stand out. Design in business is not only
form and function. Design, is a scenario for the future where creative entrepreneurs are the
new change pilots who lead beyond today’s limitations.

The aim of the event was to provide inspiration and real-life examples from the business world.
Also, it will create a creative space for networking, exchange, and learning of practical tools.

// Who is it for ? //
The event is being designed for entrepreneurs who want to understand and explore the role
of design in the development and strengthening of business ideas. For designers, it is a space
for conversations and exchange of knowledge with business using a common language.