Brand Strategy & Growth Analysis // Creative Software Agency

Defined Brand Strategy and Brand DNA for Replay Creative.


Dig deep in order to deliver long-term actionable brand scenarios and tactics. Everything that feeds the next phase ideation on logo, visuals and marketing. (“There will be a time using a logo will be the worst thing in the world.”)

List of items defined:

  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Goals
  • The Big Idea:
  • Brand Personality,
  • Products & Services,
  • Consumer Views,
  • Internal Beacon
  • Connectors with Users (sources of connectivity between brand and consumer)
  • Promise (Positioning)
  • Strategy (Brand Plan)
  • Story (Communication)
  • Freshness (Innovation)
  • Experience (Culture & Operations)
  • Scenarios for Strategies
  • Themes for Tactics