Designing Value Proposition // Creative Business Conference Kiev, Ukraine


Title: Designing Value that People Really Need


Your clients are your investors.

They do not really want your product or the service you provide – they need the value it could deliver. How to define what they really need and how to find a way deliver it? During the the workshop participants will practice mindsets and method that will get them closer to answering this question. We encourage participants to bring their own ideas to the workshop and work on them step by step in a 4 hour long strategy fueled design sprint.


In a surplus economy we cannot just produce more and more of newer objects (or services). Today is not about designing the product right (at first). It’s about designing the right product – the one which can strategically adress the deep needs of a dynamically evolving people of the Anthropocen era. Constantly changing global markets bring new types of needs, challenges and standards in production and management of products, services, information and interactions. Those who innovate and respond quickly to change, stand out by how they combine creativity with strategic thinking. Currently, many industries benefit from the potential of design (including strategic design, design thinking, service design and others) to achieve better results and stand out.

For who?

Today design is a scenario for the future. Strategic designers and creative entrepreneurs are the new change pilots leading beyond today’s limitations. Now the strongest competitive advantage comes in the form of business solutions with design at their core.

Field of this workshop: Value Proposition Desing / Design Thinking / Strategic Design