We offer a unique perspective as both designers and strategists.
We make unknowns known and help organizations design sustainable growth.



Audit & Research

Strategic Design Scenarios

We review your product, service, and organisation to define the current use of design and its future potential. You receive recommendations on strategic growth scenarios and solutions that your clients really need.


“Three great coaches were the impulse that has made a small revolution in our Dywilan minds. We hope for and continuously work on changes happening in us to bring tangible benefits to our clients”

Anna Nowak, Marketing Director at Dywilan S.A.



Value Proposition

Business Model Innovation

Your clients do not need your product or service. They need the value it can deliver. Based on these real market (human) needs we generate ideas that could strategically innovate your business models. As a result we deliver measurable design solutions framed into value proposition based business models ready to face the market.

“Dedicated, deliberate, smart and thoughtful are some of the words that come to mind when describing Henryk. He was always willing to push boundaries to find out how to better himself and his work. His American work and study experience, together with his deep connections and experience in Europe has given him a unique understanding as both a designer as well as an educator”

Jerome Goh, Senior Design Lead at IDEO NY


Awareness Session

Design Tools, Methods And Culture

Workshops for decision makers, top managers or teams. We help your group experience the potential of Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, Circular Design and Design Management methods in business. 


“Working with Change Pilots was an extremely valuable experience! They present not only great professionalism but also very high sensitivity. We have received strong substantive support, a great dose of inspiration and an injection of positive energy. I recommend them to everyone. Put human in the center because at the end we create for people.”

Dominika Popiel


Design Safari

Field Tour Workshop

Design Safari gets participants out of the building to discover and understand real market changes and trends, experience value needed and feel key pain points of users. Sessions are prepared by experienced designers, strategists and researchers as a great input for thematic conferences, festivals and awareness sessions.



Sustainable Design Consulting

We work as consultants by joining teams and advisory boards as outsourced strategists and designers. Identifying and resolving significant strategic and creative problems with measurable, novel solutions is what drives us in everything we do. We make unknowns known and help organizations design their growth.



<br />
Henryk<br />


Design Strategy Pilot
Henryk helps organizations create product and service scenarios based on design strategies. He facilitates design processes using sustainable and circular principles whenever possible. To the teams, Henryk brings multicultural perspective from Poland, New York, London and Ukraine, among others, as he frequently works abroad. Co-founder of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. Member of the Gdynia Design Days Advisory Board and the Service Design Polska, a think tank team of consultants. Program Director at the Design talks Business Summit and Board member at Cohabitat Foundation. Teaches Human-centered Design and Design Management at the School of Form. 

Passionate about circular design, sustainability, physical and mental well-being, yoga and trail running.

<br />
Michaela<br />


Research Pilot
Michaela is a constant seeker of new inspirations from different areas and environments. With a strong feeling for emphatic methods, she emphasizes customer understanding and creating better solutions for users. She is marketing, research and innovation oriented person with an economical study background in Czech republic, Poland and Latvia. Her knowledge comes from several study and volunteering visits in remote areas of the word. Currently working in an international environment in sales and logistics. 

Member of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. MasterClass Coordinator at the Design talks Business Summit.

Passionate about: eastern cultures, art, permaculture and sustainable topics.

<br />
Justyna<br />


Creative Process Pilot

Design researcher, process facilitator and initiator of the ideas. Creates experiences, systems and workshops (projects/processes) that allow companies, brands, organizations, and events to communicate integral value offered to their users. Her experience comes from working with product, service and manufacturing companies, design & culture studios in Paris, Helsinki, New York, and across Poland. She frequently travels internationally gathering inspirations and knowledge on how societies and cultures change. Co-founder of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. Member of the Service Design Polska, a think tank team of consultants. Event Coordinator at the Design talks Business Summit and Board member at Cohabitat Foundation. 

Passionate about sustainable development, Human-Centered Design, modern rituals, yoga and mindfulness.

<br />
Filip<br />
Nocek<br />


Relationship Pilot
Daily, Filip does his best to ensure that transparent communication is considered an asset, the impact of chaos on organization is minimized and that users/clients can appreciate the reliability and timeliness of work. He makes sure that projects happen and they happen to succeed or bring an extra value to the team or users. He uses an analytical approach to connect dots and bring solutions to a problem. Enthusiastic about new challenges and always keen to help, especially with demanding issues like life in general.  Key Account Manager at Jazzy Innovation. Member of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. Partnership   Coordinator at the Design talks Business Summit.

Passionate about: fighting boredom in any manner, sport in general, self-development and music.

<br />
Paweł<br />


Experience Pilot

A passionate UX/UI and Service designer with several years of experience in creating valuable products while having fun. His goal was always to help people – that’s how, with a strong background as a creative designer, He became a human-centered solutions creator. Paweł does his best to be a partner that can help people be less afraid of making ideas work differently or better. He believes that all projects, that he has a chance to work with, provide the joy of use to the users. Core member of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. Guidebook Coordinator at the Design talks Business Summit.

Passionate about: typography, fast bikes, classic cars, street art, and tattooing.

<br />
Piotr<br />


Business Development Pilot
Piotr helps companies to become competitive and capitalize on business opportunities. Provide external perspectives and practical advice on issues such as business transformation, acceleration of innovation, engaging people, developing new products & services, creating the value proposition and unique customer experience, training executives and employees on corporate transformation and innovation (develop a new mindset and new capabilities). Member of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. Co-founder of Klientocentryczni. Sharing business inspiration & knowledge with students at the University of Łódź, Film School of Łódź. Author of Design Thinking Guide. ” How to use Design Thinking in Business”.

Passionate about: strategic thinking, leadership & design sprint methodology

<br />
Ewa<br />


Visual Experience Pilot
A multidisciplinary designer and art director based in Europe. Her workflow is based on combining graphic design, art, and 3d elements. She studied Art of New Media in Warsaw/Poland and has been working independently, as a head of design studio, since 2014. Specialized in visual identity and animation, enjoying looking for new challenges and inspiration by working with new tools. Her experience comes from many years of working with the media – information channels in Poland. At Change Pilots, Ewa shares her knowledge in deep research based on changing human behaviors – related to art, culture and events. Core member of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. Visual Coordinator at the Design talks Business Summit.

Passionate about: art, ballet, 3D animation and DIY renovation

<br />
Maciej<br />


Communication Pilot
Maciej likes it when people wear smiles, things look good, words read well and smart ideas shine. He helps companies, start-ups, and non-governmental initiatives to bring their value to the light. Daily, he supports food industry companies in the process of adapting to plant-based eating megatrend. He believes in meaningful connection between people beyond digital interaction. 

Core member of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. Strategic Partnership Manager at RoślinnieJemy. Guidebook Coordinator at the Design talks Business Summit. 5 years of experience in Team Manager at TedxKraków. 

Passionate about: doing it yourself, sharing economy and bicycles of all kinds


Where do we start?

Let’s start with an initial brief analysis and actionable working meeting. This is how we begin pretty much every relationship with our clients and partners.

It is crucial for us to hear you out first and ask questions in order to understand the problems you are struggling with, as well as your hopes for the future. This would help us to prepare a custom made scope and process we could work together in.

Also, in case we are not meant for each other this time, we would be happy to guide you further to experts and organisations from a number of networks we are part of in Poland and abroad.