We offer a unique perspective as both designers and strategists. We are capable of leading projects from conception to completion. Identifying and resolving significant strategic and creative problems with measurable, novel solutions is what drives us in everything we do. We make unknowns known and help organizations design their growth.

Initial brief analysis

Let’s start with an actionable working meeting. This is how we begin pretty much every relationship with our clients and partners. It is crucial for us to hear you out and ask questions in order to understand the problems you are struggling with as well as your hopes for the future. Usually, such a meeting lasts from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Let’s see if we are meant for each other. Naturally, free of charge.

See what strategic design can do

Strategic design is a still young yet successful approach for building and growing business models, brands, products, and services. We design workshops and lectures to spread the love for strategic design and show what it can do. Ask us to lead custom strategic workshops showing you how to build advantage and growth based on design. Usually, our workshops take from 4 hours to 2 days. See examples in our portfolio section.

Brand Strategy and Growth

Plan your change and growth scenarios. How to strategically improve business so you can deliver solutions that clients really need? In the new economies, organisations have to wisely respond to rapid change. We help you understand, analyse and translate real market needs into measurable, strategic decisions that inspire right innovation of existing products, services and business strategy. See examples in our portfolio section.

Find New Opportunities

Find, develop and manage new opportunities for products, services, brands or business models. As design strategists, we help organisations find new markets, define new users and grow into the new economic conditions using design-led strategic process. Step-by-step we help to set actionable, measurable strategy as well as management tools and processes. See examples in our portfolio section.

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Justyna Turek

Justyna Turek

Creative Process Pilot

By using emotional intelligence and visual experience as a tool I help to create a visual path of processes, services and growth. I am able to visually express the results and create a story that inspires. During my process I use different methods of creative thinking and creation to clarify the message. In the past, around the world, I have deepened my knowledge and skills in various schools, design studios, ateliers and culture centers. Managed and designed projects for music, design and art festivals. Passionate about travel, exchange and benchmarking best practices, experiences and practical creative knowledge. My areas of focus are urban development, urban planning, entrepreneurship and visual storytelling

Henryk Stawicki

Henryk Stawicki

Design Strategy Pilot

Henryk helps organisations build strategies for services, brands and products using design mindset and process. In the past 13 years he worked for both NGO's and business clients. His work is influenced by the 3 years of experience gained in New York where he joined a team at the Replay Creative agency and the MS Strategic Design & Management program at Parsons School of Design (2nd best design school worldwide). Also, this is where he got his 2nd graduate degree at the program co-created with IDEO - a leading design consultancy. Henryk consults and runs trainings in the field of design strategies & management tailored both for entrepreneurs and designers. Teaches Design Management at the School of Form in Poland. Loves cycling, nature and working with change.

Piotr Grocholiński

Piotr Grocholiński

Business Development Pilot

Over 17 years of professional experience in retail banking area and proven ability to identify and capitalize on business opportunities in following roles: Head of Payments and Accounts in ING Bank Śląski, Head of Segments in Nordea Bank, Head of Sales in LG Petro Bank. Solid experience in retail strategy, segment management, business models development and sales execution. Possessing an outstanding experience in understanding, defining and shaping customer needs and driving a top-quality service culture. Certified Design Thinking facilitator.

Michaela Mydlová

Michaela Mydlová

Design Research Pilot

Michaela is a constant seeker of new inspirations from different areas and environments. With a strong feeling for emphatic methods, she puts emphasis on customer understanding and creating better solutions for users. She is marketing, research and innovation oriented graduate of the University of Economics in Prague, also accomplished her studies connected with international business in Riga (Latvia) and Wroclaw (Poland). Her working experiences include marketing research and design thinking within agencies in Prague. Working with the methods of Human Centred Design she enriches her passion into improvements, new viewpoint and openness toward experimenting. Interested in eastern cultures, art and dance.

Marie Saasen

Marie Saasen

Strategic Partner

Marie is an experienced problem solver and team facilitator, having worked with communication research in Oslo and branding and marketing in New York. She is a design thinker by heart and trade, with a bachelor´s in Product Design, and a Master of Science in Strategic Design and Management from Parsons in New York. She has a particularly bright outlook, which can be instrumental when reframing dire challenges into actionable opportunities. Marie is a playful strategist, combining her passion for the intellectual with childlike curiosity. Her mission is to help people hone their creative performance, thereby helping organizations drive the innovations we need for tomorrow.

Krystyna Stawicka

Krystyna Stawicka

Idea Development Pilot

With a past related to media and film industry I have always enjoyed creative process and its collaborative fundaments. Now, within the social innovation sector, I have found new field where these qualities are needed and can be used for growth. I am taking care of the idea development, creation and creative process facilitation. While living and working across Europe, Asia and Central America, I have learned a great deal and gathered new perspectives. Personally, my strongest interest lays in the exploration of human potential.

Paweł Kupczak

Paweł Kupczak

User Experience Pilot

Passionate designer with several years of experience in creating great products while having fun. My goal was always to help people – that’s how, with strong background as a creative designer, I became a human cantered experience creator. I do my best to be a partner that can help people be less afraid of making things better. All my projects provide joy of use no matter in which area I create. I’m keen on typography, fast bikes, classic cars, street art and tattooing.